Tri-Rodster Project Description

Wiley Engineering, Inc., Dry Fabrication and Welding, Inc, Carolyn Youngs (the wife of the editor of Kit Car Magazine - Jim Youngs) and Caroselli Desgin, are all working on a project to construct three rodster kit cars during the span of one week. The plan is to start on Saturday January 27, 2001 and to have all three cars re-bodied and ready to paint by the following Saturday February 3, 2001.

Wiley Engineering, Inc. staff will keep track of the start and finish times for various segments of the project, document progress with photographs and post the times and photos to the web site on a daily basis. Look for the daily up dates to see how the project progresses. A Gantt chart of the proposed schedule is located on the schedule page. After the project is finished a new chart will be made to help others to plan and build their own rodster.

All three completed Rodsters plan to participate in Hot Rod Magazine's Power Tour 2001 trip from Detroit to San Bernadino starting May 3, 2001. This trip will travel the along the routing of the old US Highway 66, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of this historic highway. Come back and vist this site again to see trip photos.